Protect Yourself With Quadrelease Plate Carriers and Corrguard Vests

Hard body armour consists of plates made from steel, ceramics, or composite materials. These plates are interlocked together with body protection vests to create a solid system of body armor. This internal plate construction greatly increases the strength of hard body armour. In addition to protecting your body from the elements, hard armor can also help keep you warm during the coldest of winter months. Whether you choose a full suit of hard body armour or a lightweight vest, your body will remain warm and protected at all times.

Level lV hard armour is the best option for protecting your body against rifle, handgun, and shotgun strikes. Generally, level lV plates are heavier and larger than other types of hard armor, but they offer the most protection. The downside to this type of hard armor is its price, so be sure to check local regulations first. If you are traveling abroad, it’s important to check your country’s laws before buying a plate.

Sizing for hard armor is tricky, since there is no industry standard for it. You can’t return armor that isn’t the right size (more infomation). But the most common size for hard armor plates is 10″ by 12″. There are also smaller sizes – a petite bois is only 8″ by 10″) and bigger ones are 11″ by 14″. Make sure that the armor you’re purchasing fits snugly to your body and touches the sternum notch, and that it covers your nipples and sternum if needed.

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