Soft Armor For Vests, Backpacks, Messenger Bags and More

Level II soft armor panels offer the best protection against handgun threats. These plates can be worn in vests, backpacks, messenger bags, and more. They are made with imported p-Aramid Fibers and designed, cut, and assembled in the USA. In addition to providing ballistic protection, these panels can also be used as protective clothing. The newest models of these plates are available in a variety of colors and designs to fit any style.

The best soft body armor is flexible enough to allow the wearer to move around and avoid getting smashed. Whether a soft vest, or body armour is appropriate for your personal situation is a personal choice. There are different types of protective vests available in the market. There are three main types of vests: hard shell, neoprene, and foam. Each one has different advantages and disadvantages.

Soft armor has some advantages and disadvantages. It is easier to move around and is more comfortable to wear than hard body armor. However, its durability is challenged by the overall strength of hard body armour. Generally, it is only effective against pistol and shotgun rounds. Unlike hard armor, soft body armour does not protect against larger caliber shots. NIJ has strict guidelines for this type of body armor. Therefore, it is best to buy a soft body-armor set if you’re concerned about the safety of your loved ones.

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